Monday, December 2, 2013

Blue-footed Booby

I had to be in San Diego today, so I got up early and drove an hour north to Lake Skinner Recreational Area with hopes of finding a Blue-footed Booby.  Several had been seen in this area recently.  I had no problem finding the lake, with a little help from "Susie," my Apple Maps assistant!   I paid my $6 fee, and the attendant showed me a beautiful picture someone had recently taken of the booby, with the added caution, "Some people see them and some don't.  I haven't.   Good luck."   With that stirring endorsement, I headed down to the lake.  Today luck was with me.  Within 15 minutes, I found four of them, sitting on the edge of the far dock at the small marina.  I stood on the shore of the lake and watch them for 30 minutes.  They rested, preened and moved around a little but never left the dock.  The scope views I had were magnificent, with the sun directly behind my back. What a fun experience to see this bird in the United States.   

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